by Fatesealer

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some of this album was recorded with ian millard at palm reader. some of this album was recorded in a practice space.

Cover art is entitled "Havana Orphanage" by Sean Dunn of the amazing band Five-Eight, whose photography is incredible. www.seandunnphotographs.com

yes, that's a vibraphone.

This record is for Dylan, the Duffs, Jen, Uriah, our pals in Dollar Signs, and Phil, who have never ceased nor paused their support of us. Thank.


released July 21, 2017

steve vineis
keith kopka
charlie smith



all rights reserved


Fatesealer Wilmington, North Carolina

Fatesealer is a punk band. Its members divide their time between Wilmington, NC and Tallahassee, FL.

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Track Name: Suites
and i found out your secrets, one by one, saw where your path had led you from. such travel's unnatural. and i tore down your posters, two by two, made up a list of art that would get to you. and i found frames to fit. and i'll rub your back just before i cut off your head. it's better to be lucky than good, that's what you said. and i found out you've been getting through it, sanding down your skin with a patch of 40 grit. you left his smell in your clothes. and i left just one sip in the bottle, used the rest to get the curtains and to soak the carpet. and what's the next request you'll make of your friends? pretend you've been someone else this whole time. and i don't owe you anymore.
Track Name: Creep
shattered my hands when i reached to pull you up the stairs, oh please baby come on. you know what's bound to break this quiet. so tell me in words i'll understand. what's going through your head? twice makes me a fool and i told you before. be careful where you leave your keys and lock the door. broke out my sunday best and made a run for it, this ain't the place i thought it was. we both know which dogs are bound to find us. and i know just when you'll come apart, with your edges frayed. where'd you get the nerve to ask me why? truth or dare between the buzzing wires. when you beg forgiveness, then i know you'll mean it. when you exhaust your reasons, then i'll know you'll mean it. give me that fire. i'm on fire.
Track Name: Bummer
i think you should sleep it off. i don't need to remind you. move over a little more. i'll sneak in right beside you. never again will i see such a mess. sourced all new limbs except for a head. you know that they're friends of mine. the ghosts in plain view. look for love, found a vampire. expected him to save you. one down and it's a long way to go. never again will i see such a mess, the curtains in your window, the stranger in your bed. only seconds until we collide. achieved orbit but got burned alive. and i see the result of the sequence, you've been breaking down, and i've been breaking down. and i see the marks from your treatment, you've been nodding out, and i've been nodding out. i'm down to my last five seasons, you've been fucked around, and i've been fucked around. i just got shed of my weakness, tossed out the last thing that you'll ever have.
Track Name: John Henry
crashing down like it has before. broken furniture, glue joints didn't hold. spill coffee, trace of powder on the mirror. and you're pleading your most elegant request, despite the countless holes in your chest. can't settle blood issues on the stage when the actors haven't even been told their names. and words fall short. what they said is fuck you.
Track Name: Nolan Ryan
thought we were in agreement when we cut each other's tongues out. figured we could use our fists on one another if we had a point to make. so cast your gloves aside and meet me in center field. a continued education in finding a new way to heal. call a foul when i ask you where you've been. call a diver when i drag the lake looking for him. my nolan ryan routine, you can't hit what you can't see. a madonna in fatigues and scuffed blue jeans. mark this out as where we lost our gamble. keep the inning alive and i'll surround you. keep the inning alive and i'll make you see that you can count on me.
Track Name: Million Dead
no more grand schemes. no more movie scenes. no more pleasant dreams. no more anecdotes. no more gold on the coast. no more me. no more you. no more downed plane. no more spin game. no more mining the vein. no more pride parade. no more drive all night. no more come wait inside. no more asleep on the ropes. no more seats ringside. you held the secret, i held the line. replaced my lungs with a turbine. ran my nerves down to the wire, thinking all the while maybe i'd catch fire. no more closed book. no more secret file. no more jury trial. no more you did as told. blood money in an old footlocker. p.o. boxes leave a breadcrumb trail. no more red tape, no more threats to make. a twelve-gauge follow-through, two barrels just for you. you think you can stop the past from repeating, but don't forget that history is as real as now to those it claimed defeated.
Track Name: Southpaw
southpaw's got a helluva heater, but he's not much of a dancer. walk back to where you belong. the good old days were only good for some. the rest of us they ate and swallowed up. pay down the debts in blood. and your past will bite you back. someone here's been a lot to handle, someone here's got a lot to explain, we got a past that'll bite us back.
Track Name: Alarms
clip the wire that kept you turned on. i'm uptown walking on the ceiling. you speak in fire alarms, causing only yourself harm. only your pills will make you whole when the drink and tension takes its toll. i told the past i'd stay alive. you stole. cut the hands off the clock, remove the truth from your talk. get to running when i say stop.